Meet Sara

Sara grew up on the southside of San Antonio. Although no one in her family had attended college, she wanted to be an attorney since sixth grade.  She did not tell anyone about this aspiration until years later because it seemed so far out of reach.  Her world opened up when she attended Incarnate Word High School, an hour’s public bus ride from home. For the first time, she experienced a different San Antonio, one completely unknown before.  Inspired by teachers who emphasized the value of a college degree, she resolved to seek higher education for one very important reason– she would always be able to take care of herself.  Working to support herself after high school, Sara earned three degrees.  The dedication, drive and passion for excellence that mark her entire career were already apparent.

Sara is not all work all the time. Fun-loving and energetic, she nourishes new and lifelong friendships and creates opportunities to bring people together. A former marathoner, she is a devoted runner and cyclist, a moderately good skier, lukewarm but enthusiastic golfer, and a doting exercise companion of Bear and Sophie.

It is no surprise that Sara’s motto is “Everyday is a new opportunity to make a difference.”

Professional Excellence

Sara’s career choice was shaped by her experience  as a law student selling condominiums during the summer after her first year and as editor of the Symposium Issue of the St. Mary’s Law Journal focusing on real estate finance.  Her thriving legal practice began in an established firm where she became a partner before launching into uncharted territory, becoming San Antonio’s first woman sole practitioner with a commercial real estate practice.  With characteristic determination, Sara dug in.  Drawing on her expertise, her natural gifts for connecting with others and an incredible capacity  for hard work, she developed an enviable client base that values her judgment and is fiercely loyal.  Her reputation as a consummate practitioner and a professional of the highest integrity is firmly rooted and widely acknowledged.

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