Leading Through Service

Connecting for Good

Honored for Excellence

A Record of Distinction

State Bar of Texas

  •     President’s Award
  •     Presidential Citation
  •     CLE “Standing Ovation Award”
  •     Advanced Real Estate Weatherbie Workhorse Award
  •     Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Ralph Mock Memorial Award


Texas Bar Foundation

  •     Terry Lee Grantham Memorial Award


San Antonio Bar Association

  •     President’s Award – three time recipient


San Antonio Bar Foundation

  • Peacemaker Award


San Antonio Legal Services Association – SALSA

  • Inaugural Spirit of Public Service President’s Award


Association of Corporate Counsel South Texas Chapter

  • Lee Cusenbary Ethical Life Award


Bexar County Women’s Bar Foundation

  •     Belva Lockwood Outstanding Lawyer Award


Texas Monthly Super Lawyer – since 2006

Fourth Court of Appeals Briefing Attorney

St. Mary’s University Distinguished Alumna

Jack Dysart, Sara’s brother, celebrates her receipt of the St. Mary’s University 2019 Distinguished Alumna Award

Lawyers Supporting Sara

The most gratifying part of this campaign has been receiving messages of support from lawyers across Texas.  I would like to share some of these words of encouragement and support.  Sara

It has been an honor and a privilege personally and professionally to work with Sara for three decades as she provided meaningful leadership training in state & local bar committees, foundations, and non-profit community service-related entities. It was especially rewarding to see her succeed me as SBOT District 10 Director, knowing the benefit of her humble, compassionate, and wise counsel. Sara is a true “servant leader” with a big heart. No other person has given more of their own time, talent, and treasure as a TLAP Volunteer to further its mission-working selflessly as a mentor to countless women lawyers and law students, and providing inspiration to seasoned veterans like me. It is a perfect time to put Sara’s experience, strength, and hope in action-to benefit all lawyers of Texas!
Allan K. DuBois
Former President, State Bar of Texas (2015-2016)

“You have to talk to Sara Dysart.” That is all I heard when I asked folks about campaigning in San Antonio and I quickly realized why. Solos and judiciary welcomed her presence during central docket call; the largest law firm in the city was glad to see her; and she allowed me the honor to meet the late Dawn Finlayson during lunch so that the three of us could discus access to justice issues.

Sarah is the leader we need now. I am a witness to the mix of knowledge, experience, approachability, and empathy that she embodies. The State Bar leadership needs her in their ranks and we would all benefit to have her serve as our next State Bar President-Elect. For these reasons I fully support and endorse her candidacy.
Pablo J. Almaguer
Public interest attorney, Edinburg
Former Chair of the SBOT Board and Commission for Lawyer Discipline

I support Sara for President Elect because of her commitment to access to justice for our communities in need, her efforts in mentoring young attorneys, and her dedication and service to our Bar. Sara will make a great State Bar President who can help our State Bar address the growing lack of access to our legal system for many Texans, provide the resources Texas attorneys need in this fast-changing environment, and strive to bring our Bar together.
Robert L. Soza, Jr.
Partner, Jackson Walker

Many of you may already know that Sara Dysart has served our legal community locally and throughout the state for many years.  She is a long-time practitioner, with a solid reputation, who has been dedicated to the lawyers’ work and service to the public.  Some of you may not know about Sara’s seemingly tireless work in support of her fellow attorneys and her commitment to excellence, which she applies to everything she does.  I have received her support repeatedly.  I have worked beside her on committees continually striving for betterment.  It went without question… that I would support her efforts in her pursuit to become the next State Bar President.
Lisa Tatum
Former President, State Bar of Texas
San Antonio

“I don’t usually endorse State Bar candidates. My good friend Sara Dysart is an exception. That’s because Sara is exceptional. For more years than I can count, Sara has selflessly dedicated herself to bettering our craft, our Bar Association, and our profession. One thing that has always impressed me is that Sara is a lawyer with a conscience. She’s smart as a tack, conscientious in her work, and dedicated to bettering our profession for all of us. She’s earned your respect and your vote for President of the State Bar of Texas!”
Gerry Goldstein
Partner, Goldstein & Orr, San Antonio

I support Sara for President Elect of the State Bar of Texas. I was on the committee that gave her a full tuition scholarship for her second year in law school. I have always known we made the right decision when the committee selected her to receive the financial support that helped make it possible for her to succeed in law school and as an attorney.
Charles E. Cantú, Dean Emeritus
Of Counsel Mediations, Davis Cedillo & Mendoza, Inc.

Sara is a proven leader who has demonstrated remarkable leadership to the legal profession and our community. She has been my mentor since law school. I have watched in awe as she dedicated herself to the betterment of the local and state bar community by leading, inspiring, supporting, and educating scores of lawyers across the state over the past forty years. Sara has earned my enthusiastic endorsement for State Bar President Elect!
Mary Stich
Vice-President & Deputy General Counsel, Rackspace Technology

I am supporting Sara for President Elect because I have known her since her third year in law school when Bob Morrison and I wrote an article for the St. Mary’s Law Journal symposium issue on Real Estate Finance. Sara was the editor of the issue. She was an excellent editor and has been an excellent attorney who has provided outstanding leadership and service to the bar and community her entire legal career.
J. Cary Barton
Partner, Barton Benson Jones, PLLC, San Antonio

I support Sara Dysart’s candidacy for president elect of the State Bar of Texas because I know she will do an outstanding job for the lawyers of Texas. She has been one of my best friends since law school and is like my sister. My children even call her Aunt Sara. She is a woman of her word! In law school I watched her tackle the job of symposium editor for the law journal. It is that experience that I relate to when I think about what a perfect fit she is for State Bar President.
Faye Bracey
Attorney at Law

Texas Lawyer? You should vote for Sara Dysart as President Elect of the State Bar of Texas.
She will represent each of us, not just some of us.

Sara is a solo practitioner with an A-list corporate practice. A leader and a listener, she is experienced but seeks fresh ideas from everyone, is committed to the SBOT but knows it must improve.

Sara balances all this because she works and works and works. If you still wonder why I think you should vote for her as President elect, look at her achievements, which are thanks for hard work in tough places, not just medals for attendance.
Stephen M. Sheppard, JSD
Dean Emeritus

I hope you will give Sara serious consideration for SBOT President-elect. I have known Sara for more than four decades (we were in law school together). She worked to support herself through college and law school. For most of her career, Sara has practiced real estate law as a solo practitioner. She is a smart, independent self-starter. She will be great for the Bar.
Keith O’Connell
Shareholder, Mehaffy Webber San Antonio

I am supporting Sara for President Elect because I have known her my entire legal career or, at least her entire legal career, and have watched her be of service to our community and bar. Sara almost keeps up with me, but not quite! I am not going jogging with her!
Dan A. Naranjo
Past President of the San Antonio Bar Association and Co-Founder of the San Antonio Bar Foundation

Sara, I need no promotional letter from you to convince me to vote for you. You are a wonderful person, an outstanding member of the Bar, and a good friend. Of course, I will vote for you. I wish I could do it 10 times. And, while the hour is late, feel free to use my name in any way that helps you. You need no further permission.

I look forward to voting for you.
Honorable Phil Hardberger
Former Chief Justice, Fourth Court of Appeals
Former Mayor of San Antonio

Sara I’ve known you for some time and know how active you’ve been on many fronts and capable you are. So as they say in the movies, “you had me at Sara Dysart.”
Joseph M. Harrison IV
Harrison & Duncan, PLLC

Voting in the State Bar President-elect race starts Thursday. I hope you will consider voting for my friend, Sara Dysart. It was my privilege to observe Sara’s service on the State Bar Board and on the Board of Trustees of the Texas Bar Foundation. She listens and is very good at building consensus. She will be a great leader of the Bar in these difficult times.
Thomas C. Riney
Riney & Mayfield LLP

Sara Dysart is my choice for 2021 President-Elect of the State Bar of Texas. Sara is a tireless enthusiastic leader of Texas attorneys – the Real Estate Bar in particular. Please visit Sara’s campaign website, SaraforLawyers.com, to see her stellar record of professional volunteerism. I am particularly grateful for Sara’s contributions of leadership to TexasBarCLE, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, the Real Estate Probate & Trust Law Section. Please join me in voting for Sara Dysart during the State Bar elections of April 2021.
Sharon Reuler
Attorney at Law, Dallas