Why I Am Running for President-Elect

We are the State Bar of Texas.  The Bar consists of every one of us; it impacts us all.

I am running for President-Elect of the State Bar of Texas because I can make a difference for Texas lawyers.  The ability to bring people together and build consensus has been critical to my success as a lawyer and my bar service.  I approach every bar meeting—committees, boards, seminars–as an opportunity to learn from my colleagues and to bring out the best in all of us.  I value everyone’s contributions.   I believe that attorneys who have served with me will acknowledge that I am hardworking and considerate of others.  The ability to relate to and appreciate others is vitally important for our members, perhaps more now than at any time in our careers.  I will work with Texas lawyers towards a stronger and more unified Texas Bar. 

As President of the State Bar of Texas, I will

…invite and challenge all attorneys to provide service to the bar and community, mindful of the imperative for greater diversity, equity and inclusion

…emphasize technology as a means to more easily engage attorneys to provide access to justice 

…continue to support the impactful work of the Texas Lawyer’s Assistance Program 

…initiate new ways to help our members, including

  • an Ombudsman for Attorneys to provide information and support incident to the grievance process 
  • a Financial Wisdom Program offering financial guidance and resources especially to recent law graduates, to include funds for grants and low interest rate loans for attorneys in crisis, similar to the Sheeran Crowley Trust offered through TLAP.

I will discuss these two proposals and other matters in additional blogs coming soon.  Check them out.

My website and campaign brochure say more about my experience and my thoughts on the Bar and our fellow lawyers.  I hope you will consider them.

Signature of Sara Dysart.